Referral Star - Jeanette Forrey

Dr. McDermott has been a pivotal force in the health of our dogs. We breed and train service dogs, so our dogs are nto only family, but of extreme importance. Dr. McDermott is professional, goes the extra mile and is always able to help. Durango Animal Hospital shows a great dedication to all of our dogs, puppies and clients, making sure they are receiving top notch care and support! It is very difficult to trust someone with the life of a service dog; however, I trust Durango Animal Hospital completely and am very fortunate to have Dr. McDermott assisting us. They are a part of our team to continue producing the best goldendoodle diabetic alert dogs in the nation. Thank you Dr. McDermott and the Durango Animal Hospital staff! 

                                                     - Jeanette Forrey, Referral Star